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Music Discovery, Defined

With Fynda, you can discover exactly what kind of music you listen to, find recommendations for new music based on your current taste, as well as view how your music preferences compare to others.

Your go-to app for music discovery

Ever hear a song so bad you wanted to swipe left on it just so it knew to step up its game? Now you can. (Well, the song won’t know. But our AI will.)

Machine learning music recommendations

When our computers gain sentience, at least they’ll be giving some fire music recs. The world ends not with a bang, but with a bangin’ soundtrack.

Let’s Break It Down

Pop, lock, and drop the nebulous words you currently use to define your music taste. Fynda gives you detailed percentage breakdown of the music you listen to.

Calling All Music Makers

We’re offering a unique opportunity for up-and-coming artists. Fynda will be the platform of choice for all things music.

  • Get Featured

    Get more ears on your music in our featured section.

  • Boost Listens

    More ears on your song in Fynda means more ears on your song in Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play Music.

  • Get More Exposure

    With our close integration with TikTok, your new release could get thousands of hits on social networks.

Our Platform

We're Still In Development ...

But that doesn’t mean your journey ends here. You can still learn a lot about what we’re doing.

Road Map

We know you want to be the first to download our app. Stay in the know on our proposed timeline for this project.


Want more detail? Occasionally we write about what we're doing and how it's going. We write about other stuff too.


How We Use AI & Machine Learning

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