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How we give back to the music community

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Using AI To Write Better Lyrics As An Assistive Tool For Artists

Collaboration is key. In some cases, the songwriting process requires more than just a few lyrics. While many artists can write a verse or two and then come back to add the rest later, others prefer to have all the parts written in advance. In these cases, it’s impossible for…

How AI Gives Artists Their Voice Back On Music Streaming Platforms & Social Media

Leveling the playing field for arists. As the music industry shifts towards a digital landscape, big players like YouTube and Spotify are increasingly relying on algorithms to decide what music is played and who sees it. This means that artists’ songs are being streamed based on their potential for popularity…

How Will Ethereum Change Artwork & Music Forever?

How Will Ethereum’s ERC 1155: SFTs, ERC 721: NFTs, ERC 20: FTs, Affect The Art & Music Industries? For those who may not know, ERC-1155 is a standard that allows for the tokenization and fractionalization of non-fungible assets in a limited run, called an SFT. It is essentially a protocol…
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