Collaboration is key.

In some cases, the songwriting process requires more than just a few lyrics. While many artists can write a verse or two and then come back to add the rest later, others prefer to have all the parts written in advance. In these cases, it’s impossible for one person to work on an entire song, so AI could be used as an assistive tool; a way for artists who can’t make music alone to collaborate with people. It’s almost as if AI were writing the lyrics for them—but don’t worry; this isn’t automation replacing humans altogether. Instead, this is simply using technology as a tool in order to get better results from what we already do. The role of AI here would be similar to that of any other tool: they help create something bigger than what one person could do alone, but they never replace humans or their creativity entirely.

How is AI already being used?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is already being used by some of the world’s top musicians to help create hit songs.

The music industry is fast becoming one of the biggest consumers of AI technology, with both established stars, as well as up-and-coming artists using it for a variety of purposes.

Is AI the new muse? What are other effects of artificial intelligence on the music industry? Leave a comment below.

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