With the help of music recommendation algorithms, people can easily discover new music according to their specific tastes and preferences. In the past, if you wanted to listen to a song or an album, you would need to look around different websites and try different search terms and methods until you found something you liked. However, now with the help of AI powered apps such as SoundHound, Spotify, etc., people can easily find what they are looking for with very little effort.

How does AI in music streaming work?

Spotify, for example, uses Conventional Neural Networks, Collaborative Modeling and Natural Language Processing to analyze user interactions. A popular feature in Spotify is the Discover Weekly algorithm, which uses AI to customize a new playlist with new songs each Monday.

What data is collected?

AI technologies collect data on social media interactions, live shows, album sales, and other metrics. The idea behind this is so the artists can improve their creative output over time. More and more major record labels have begun using artificial intelligence to identify new artists, adjust prices for digital recordings, and even predict future album sales.

What are the benefits of streaming services using AI for listeners and artists?

Listener habits change for the better due to recommendation tools provided by Spotify. People prefer to have music suggested to them rather than manually searching for songs themselves.

From emerging unknowns to global superstars—should have equal access to powerful tools so they can nurture their creativity and achieve success on their own terms. Spotify Chief Executive Officer, Daniel Ek, has utilized the power of AI to generate the largest music-streaming company worth $67 billion (2021).

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